3D Printing

3d printing mount isa

3D Printing

3D printing in Mount Isa is now a reality! We offer custom 3d printing on demand. We offer printing services in numerous colours and types. Resin / PLA+ / ABS Like and many more.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the art of turning a digital Computer Aided Design (CAD) file into a three dimensional solid model. This is an additive process which is achieved by layering down successive layers of molten plastic.

3D Printing On Demand Mount Isa

3D Printing Services

Articulated Octopus 4

Sensory Toys

We offer a range of awesome sensory and satisfying toys. 3D printed right here in Mount Isa.

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3d printed functional items

Functional Items

We can 3D print a range of functional items from ammo boxes, to sanding tools and so much more!

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3d printing mount isa

Resin Printing

We can 3d print miniatures using state of the art resin printing. Our resin printers are capable of miniscule details down to 0.05mm.

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3D Printed Trex

Large Format 3D Printing

We offer Large format 3D printing in Mount Isa, Almost no project is too large. Seen here is a 1.8m long Trex model which stands proudly in my shop.

3D Printed Props

We can 3d print realistic looking items, perfect for props, halloween, puppetry and so much more! Check out this accurate model of a skull.

3D Printed Props
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